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AquaTraction looks great, no question. But aside from being very aesthetically-pleasing and protecting your boat from everyday wear and tear, AquaTraction  promises you far more.


Traction & Safety

With our non-slip marine flooring you can enjoy exceptional traction wet or dry, making your boat safer than ever. Built with our proprietary cross-linked synthetic resin, and brushed to increase surface area, AquaTraction provides you and your guests exceptional footing in all waters.



Our proprietary foam not only looks great, but adds a ton of functionality to your boat as well. Comfortable, safe, and durable, AquaTraction also reduces the noise and rattle that many boats experience while underway. Our friends with lightweight aluminum boats love us!



AquaTraction is the toughest foam floor available, bar none. Our flooring holds up to wear and tear from fishing, crabbing, and all other activities you love on your boat. Trusted by commercial fisherman in the Bering Sea, so you know it won't fail you.



Boats come in many styles and specifications. Partnering with AquaTraction includes our in-house engineers and CAD specialists to help bring your dream to life with total customization to fit your boat perfectly, no matter its size or style. Countless patterns, colors, custom logos, and more to choose from! 



As the only 100% polyethylene (PE) closed-cell foam flooring, AquaTraction is the most stain resistant solution you can get. This means zero absorption of any substance, protecting you from red wine spills to fish guts, and everything in between. 


Customer Service

With the fastest lead times and a 3-year guarantee warranty, when you partner with AquaTraction you simply know you're getting the best. We work closely with you to ensure your floor is measured, edited, cut, and installed before your next adventure!


100% Closed-Cell Cross-Linked Polyethylene (xPE)
means far more durability, stain resistance, and longevity than other EVA alternatives

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