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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is AquaTraction?
    AquaTraction is an advanced marine flooring made of UV-resistant high density closed-cell cross-linked polyethylene foam. As the only 100% xPE foam on the market, our flooring is the most water deterrent and stain resistant solution you can get. AquaTraction may be aesthetically pleasing, but it also provides numerous functional benefits as well. With AquaTraction you'll experience a quieter ride, increased comfort and stability while standing, easy cleaning, and protection of your boat for years to come. Unlike others who provide templated options or make you measure your boat, AquaTraction's trained professionals do the work so you don't have to. We measure, design, cut, ship, and install for you, so you can be sure it's done perfectly every time. So sit back, relax, and get ready to impress on your next boating adventure.
  • What is the process to get my new floor?
    1. Contact Us to get started (we'll answer all of your questions!) 2. Schedule a time for one of our professionals to come measure your boat and walk you through all of your design options. 3. Tell us what color(s), pattern, style, and any other customizations you'd like 4. Our engineers and CAD specialists convert the precise measurements and design requests into a full color mockup for your approval 5. Once approved, the factory quickly gets to work creating your custom floor 6. When complete, it's immediately shipped to us and we schedule a time to install your new masterpiece!
  • How long does it take to get my new floor installed?
    The best part... the entire process outlined above takes just an hour or two of your time and is completed from idea to install in just a few weeks! You'll find that others can take upwards of 3+ months, which is just another reason AquaTraction is the preferred marine floor partner. You don't have to compromise between speed or quality with AquaTraction.
  • Can you do custom logos?
    Yes, absolutely! The vast array of customization options are one of the ways AquaTraction sets itself apart from other floor options. Our in-house engineers and CAD specialists will help design a custom look you love, and our CNC router and precision laser tooling will bring your custom design to life, whether it be a logo, boat name, pattern, or anything else you can think of. We'd love to help create your perfect floor!
  • Where is it made?
    AquaTraction is proudly manufactured in the USA. Based out of Minnesota, our factory has extensive inventory on hand at all times, ensuring your boat will be completed with the highest quality faster than any others can deliver -- a win/win!
  • What surfaces can AquaTraction be applied to?
    With our quality adhesive and professional installers, AquaTraction can be applied to almost any surface. We find it easiest to install on fiberglass or aluminum floors, but we've also worked with customers who have teak or other wood floors as well. In some cases, like when there's marine carpet installed, we will likely remove that to ensure a great adhesion, but we're happy to discuss your options with you. And yes, AquaTraction can be applied directly over non-skid!
  • How is it adhered?
    AquaTraction uses an acrylic-based pressure sensitive 3M adhesive for a robust bond and easy peel-and-stick application. Although easy to apply, you can rest assured our floor will not peel, shrink, or tear.
  • I found a cheaper option, what do you have to say?
    Great question! AquaTraction prides itself on being the best marine floor available. Although we find that we are still almost always competitively priced, we aren't shy about offering a premium product and superior service that others simply can't match. A couple examples: - Our turnaround times are the fastest in the industry. Where others may take several months to complete your project, we'll have your boat completed in just a few weeks from initial measurement to completed install. - Others make you measure and install the floor yourself, or merely send you a pre-cut template. But we know every boat is unique, and even the slightest variance between boats can offset your flooring by the slimmest of margins -- and that's not good enough for us. Thus, our professionals precisely measure, design, cut, and install for you, ensuring a perfect look and fit every time. - We are the only 100% xPE foam on the market. Others are a PE/EVA mix, exposing your floor to absorption and UV damage possibilities. Our proprietary foam is also the most durable. Trusted by commercial fisherman in the Bering Sea, our floors hold up to fishing gear, crab pots, fish guts, and anything else you can bring aboard. - We're so confident our floor will hold up, we include a 5 year warranty to protect your investment and give you the peace of mind that you're in good hands with AquaTraction for years to come. We firmly believe you get what you pay for, and AquaTraction is simply the best. Let us show you what we mean!
  • Does it stain?
    Fishing boats can become stained even after one trip, and yachts and sailing boats can be prone to spills and stains from food and drinks. Not to mention the salty seawater! AquaTraction boat flooring is by far the most stain resistant product on the market. Our non-absorbent, closed-cell technology prevents liquids from penetrating the surface making stain removal easy and fast, giving our customers the very best in class when it comes to boat deck flooring protection. No more scrubbing or deep cleaning to remove marks, even coffee, oil, permanent markers, and BBQ sauce are no match for our boat flooring. Reduce your maintenance workload by removing stains right when they happen and keep your boat surface clean and stain-free with AquaTraction.
  • What's the best way to clean my AquaTraction floor?
    AquaTraction's closed-cell PE foam is extremely resistant to liquids, meaning it repels anything that falls or is spilt on it. Red wine, gasoline, blood, oil, you name it -- we have you covered! This makes cleanup a breeze. If something does spill, you can easily clean with soap, water, and a stiff brush to return your floor to it's like new condition! See below for more:
  • Does it get hot in direct sunlight?
    AquaTraction is highly durable against UV damage. As with any flooring solution, darker colors will naturally become warmer in the sun. However, the closed-cell polyethylene properties of AquaTraction allow heat to dissipate quickly. To prove it, we conducted a test on a 100°F+ day in direct sunlight to see how it compared to standard marine carpet. After an extended period of time, the results indicated that even our black color option remained more than 30° cooler than the grey marine carpet we were comparing to (and stayed comfortable despite the warm temp)!
  • How long does it last?
    You want to ensure an investment in AquaTraction will last through the years. As the most durable floor available, it will. We conservatively tell our customers that our floor is designed to remain in like-new condition for 5-7 years in the harshest conditions, though we've had countless customers still loving our floor far longer than that. Let us put it to the test on your boat!
  • Does AquaTraction have a warranty?
    Yes! We're so confident you'll love your AquaTraction floor that we guarantee a 5 year warranty. It's quite rare that we hear of issues, but if one happens to arise from normal use, we are pleased to fix the problem to ensure you remain happy with your AquaTraction investment for years to come.
  • How does it hold up with pets?
    We love bringing our furry friends with us on the water, too. AquaTraction is durable against the harshest conditions, and holds up great to pets. In fact, we think they even enjoy the softer ride it provides them, too!
  • I have an old boat, is it worth it?
    Aside from all the functional value add, AquaTraction is visually stunning too. Over time, general wear and tear to your boat deck can make your boat appear unloved and in need of a bit of TLC. AquaTraction makes it easy to transform the look and feel of your boat with an eye-catching upgrade. Whether you're looking to sell your boat or want to make it feel new again, AquaTraction is a great choice.
  • Does it get slippery when wet?
    No! We "brush" the top of all of our material which increases the surface area of the moisture, giving you complete traction and non-slip even when covered in water. Give your casting deck, cockpit, and swim platform the comfort and traction you need with AquaTraction.
  • Is it comfortable to stand on?
    While out on the water, it’s likely that you and your guests will be standing on the vessel decks for long periods of time. Standard boat flooring is hard and can be uncomfortable for you and your guests. Our closed cell technology with microscopic air pillows provide cushion on your feet, knees, and back while also protecting surfaces from wear and tear. Family and friends will enjoy a premium boating experience with AquaTraction installed on your deck. For even more cushion, ask about our super-padded helm pads for those areas where you spend the most time on your feet!
  • What types of boats do you do?
    We do all kinds of boats, big and small! AquaTraction looks and works great on fiberglass, aluminum, and wood boats. We've done fishing boats, pleasure cruisers, yachts, sailboats, dinghies, and everything else you can imagine! No project is too big or small for us to improve your boating experience.
  • Can I put AquaTraction on something other than my boat?
    Yes! Boat owners often ask us to make custom accessories to complement their boat floor (cooler tops, floor mats, fish rulers, hook holders, and more!). We've also found that there are many use cases for AquaTraction beyond boats. Have an RV, trailer, mudroom, or something else that could benefit from our durable, comfortable, waterproof material? Have an idea? Just ask and we'll be happy to discuss the possibilities.
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